Retarget people who missed your emails

What is Quokka?

You send great emails but sometimes it gets lost in a user’s inbox. Quokka shows a retargeting message to those who ignored your message so that they will never miss an important update from you.

Quokka is a tool in the Marketing Automation category of a tech stack.

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Why people like Quokka

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Quokka's Features

  • Deliver your message to those who ignored your email
  • Tell the story in your customers' preferred channel, on the fly
  • Reach customers in the place of their attention

Quokka's alternatives

  • HubSpot - All the software you need to do inbound marketing.
  • Marketo - Helping marketers master the art and science of digital marketing.
  • ActiveCampaign - Sales and marketing automation platform
  • Sailthru - The platform for customer insights and personalized communication.

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