Run compute workloads on a distributed edge

What is Section?

Edge Compute Platform gives Dev and Ops engineers the access and control they need to run compute workloads on a distributed edge.

Section is a tool in the Web Cache category of a tech stack.

Who Uses Section?

Section integrates with

GitHub, Docker, Elasticsearch, Kibana, and SourceTree are some of the popular tools that integrate with Section. Here's a list of all 8 tools that integrate with Section.

Why people like Section

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Section's Features

  • Varnish Cache
  • Nginx/Lua
  • SiteSpect
  • Cloudinary
  • Kraken
  • ModSecurity
  • Signal Sciences
  • ThreatX
  • ShieldSquare
  • PageSpeed
  • Virtual Waiting Room
  • Node JS
  • Real Time Metrics
  • Log Management
  • Real User Monitoring
  • Instant Global Deployments
  • Developer PoP
  • Instant Cache Purge
  • Managed SSL Certificates
  • Dynamic Content Caching
  • Static Asset Caching
  • HTML Streaming
  • Anonymous Page Caching
  • Image Optimization
  • Front-End Optimization
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Virtual Waiting Room
  • HTTP/2
  • Web Application Firewall
  • IP Blocking
  • SSL Certificates
  • DDoS Mitigation
  • Bad Bot Management
  • Load Balancing
  • Maintenance Pages
  • Anycast DNS Hosting

Section's alternatives

  • Varnish - High-performance HTTP accelerator
  • Squid - A caching proxy for the Web supporting HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and more
  • Nuster - A high performance HTTP proxy cache server and RESTful NoSQL cache server based on HAProxy.

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