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What is Server Density?

SaaS-based scalable infrastructure monitoring to help businesses save time and money. With advanced server and website monitoring alerts, graphing tools and integrations with all major cloud service providers.

Server Density is a tool in the Performance Monitoring category of a tech stack.

Who Uses Server Density?

14 companies use Server Density including DuckDuckGo, TaskRabbit, and Electronic Arts.

Server Density integrates with

Slack, Python, PHP, Docker, and nginx are some of the popular tools that integrate with Server Density. Here's a list of all 48 tools that integrate with Server Density.

Why people like Server Density

Here’s a list of reasons why companies and developers use Server Density.

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Here are some stack decisions and reviews by companies and developers who chose Server Density in their tech stack.

Jurriaan Persyn
Jurriaan Persyn
CTO & Co-founder at Clarabridge · | 1 upvotes · 135 views
atClarabridge CX Social
Server Density

Used as main Server Monitoring (load averages, system metrics) and App Monitoring (via custom plugins) tool. Both for graphing data as for sending alerts. Server Density

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Server Density's Features

  • Open source agent, plugin library, full API and Nagios compatibility
  • Automatic install via script, system packages, Puppet, Chef, Ansible & Salt Stack
  • Apps for iOS, Android, Apple TV and Slackbot
  • Easy to use monitoring API including agentless monitoring
  • Website and API availability monitoring with response time alerting from the USA, UK, Europe, Australia, Russia, Japan, South Africa and more
  • Reduce monitoring noise, reduce false alerts and improve life on call

Server Density's alternatives

  • New Relic - SaaS Application Performance Management for Ruby, PHP, .Net, Java, Python, and Node.js Apps.
  • Datadog - Unify logs, metrics, and traces from across your distributed infrastructure.
  • Librato - Real-Time Cloud Monitoring
  • Skylight - The smart profiler for your Rails apps
  • AppDynamics - Application management for the cloud generation

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