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What is is a web software you can use to manage content in any kind of website or app. API-driven, it is the easiest way to integrate your content with no technology or design constraint. It is also the easiest way for content writers to edit, preview and plan updates.

What is Cockpit?

An API-driven CMS without forcing you to make compromises in how you implement your site. The CMS for developers. Manage content like collections, regions, forms and galleries which you can reuse anywhere on your website.

What is Cloud CMS?

Easily Create, Upload and Edit;Use Simple Content Forms;Full Text Search and Query; Workspaces

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What are some alternatives to, Cockpit, and Cloud CMS?

  • Contentful - Manage content once, publish it anywhere
  • Tipe - Generate an API-first CMS from a schema file with offline prototyping, an inline editor, and with a REST or GraphQL API
  • GraphCMS - GraphQL Based Headless Content Management System
  • Sanity - A headless CMS construction kit in JavaScript

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