CodePush vs. Expo Sketch vs. React Navigation

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What is CodePush?

CodePush is a cloud service that enables Cordova and React Native developers to deploy mobile app updates directly to their users’ devices. It works by acting as a central repository that developers can publish certain updates to (e.g. JS, HTML, CSS and image changes), and that apps can query for updates from (using our provided client SDKs).

What is Expo Sketch?

Instantly test your code on a device, or in the browser. You can either preview the component on the emulator inside the browser, or open it directly on your device with the Expo app. The UI updates as you type — every keystroke, without having to hit save.

What is React Navigation?

Start quickly with built-in navigators that deliver a seamless out-of-the box experience. Navigation views that deliver 60fps animations, and utilize native components to deliver a great look and feel.
Why do developers choose CodePush?
Why do you like CodePush?

Why do developers choose Expo Sketch?
Why do you like Expo Sketch?

Why do developers choose React Navigation?
Why do you like React Navigation?

What are the cons of using CodePush?
No Cons submitted yet for CodePush
Downsides of CodePush?

What are the cons of using Expo Sketch?
No Cons submitted yet for Expo Sketch
Downsides of Expo Sketch?

What are the cons of using React Navigation?
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Downsides of React Navigation?

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What companies use CodePush?
15 companies on StackShare use CodePush
What companies use Expo Sketch?
1 companies on StackShare use Expo Sketch
What companies use React Navigation?
14 companies on StackShare use React Navigation
What tools integrate with CodePush?
2 tools on StackShare integrate with CodePush
What tools integrate with Expo Sketch?
2 tools on StackShare integrate with Expo Sketch
What tools integrate with React Navigation?
1 tools on StackShare integrate with React Navigation

What are some alternatives to CodePush, Expo Sketch, and React Navigation?

  • Bitbucket - One place to plan projects, collaborate on code, test and deploy, all with free private repositories.
  • Expo - Making React Native Easier
  • fastlane - Connect all iOS deployment tools into one streamlined workflow
  • AppHub - Use git push to instantly update React Native apps in production

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