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Framer vs ProtoPie: What are the differences?

Developers describe Framer as "Turn static mockups into prototypes with animation & interaction". Framer is a JavaScript framework that makes creating realistic prototypes a breeze – complete with filters, spring physics and full 3D effects. Framer Generator is a desktop app that imports the resources and folder hierarchy from Photoshop files (Sketch coming soon). Import your design and immediately start to add interaction and animation. On the other hand, ProtoPie is detailed as "Interactive prototyping tool for all digital products". ProtoPie is the easiest tool used to turn your UI/UX design ideas into highly interactive prototypes for mobile, desktop, web, all the way to IoT ✔ macOS & Windows ✔ iOS & Android.

Framer and ProtoPie can be categorized as "Mobile Prototyping & Interaction Design" tools.

Some of the features offered by Framer are:

  • Generate assets out of Photoshop to set up new projects.
  • Animate any layer in 3D space with spring physics and bezier curves.
  • Hardware accelerated for high frame rates, based on CSS transforms.

On the other hand, ProtoPie provides the following key features:

  • Realistic, customized microinteractions
  • Reusable interaction components
  • Prototyping on macOS & Windows

Framer is an open source tool with 5.48K GitHub stars and 508 GitHub forks. Here's a link to Framer's open source repository on GitHub.

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What are some alternatives to Framer and ProtoPie?
Easily create complex shapes with our state-of-the-art vector boolean operations and take advantage of our extensive layer styles.
Figma is the first interface design tool with real-time collaboration. It keeps everyone on the same page. Focus on the work instead of fighting your tools.
InVision lets you create stunningly realistic interactive wireframes and prototypes without compromising your creative vision.
Adobe XD
A vector-based tool developed and published by Adobe Inc for designing and prototyping user experience for web and mobile apps.
Origami is a free toolkit for Quartz Composer—created by the Facebook Design team—that makes interactive design prototyping easy and doesn’t require programming.
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