Teleconsole vs. ShutIt

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What is Teleconsole?

Teleconsole is a free service to share your terminal session with people you trust. Your friends can join via a command line using SSH or by using their browser. Use it when two parties are separated by NAT and you cannot connect via SSH directly.

What is ShutIt?

It can automate any process that can be run by a human on the command line with little effort. It was originally written to manage complex Docker builds, but is a now general-purpose automation tool that supports bash, Docker, Vagrant, ssh and arbitrary build contexts.
Why do developers choose Teleconsole?
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Why do developers choose ShutIt?
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What are the cons of using Teleconsole?
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Downsides of Teleconsole?

What are the cons of using ShutIt?
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Downsides of ShutIt?

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What companies use Teleconsole?
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What companies use ShutIt?
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What are some alternatives to Teleconsole and ShutIt?

  • ngrok - Securely expose a local web server to the internet and capture all traffic for detailed inspection and replay
  • GoTTY - Share your terminal as a web application
  • Termius - Use modern SSH for macOS, Windows and Linux to organize, access, and connect to your servers
  • Shellvault - Cloud SSH terminal accessible from any browser

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