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Discover, share, preserve, and organize pages from around the web
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What is Tefter?

It is the social bookmarking app for individuals and teams. Discover, share, preserve, and organize pages from around the web. There is a desktop app for Windows, Linux and Mac and with the extension, you can search your bookmarks, lists, tags and domains directly from the address bar and add new bookmarks with the click of a button.
Tefter is a tool in the Bookmarking Services category of a tech stack.

Tefter's Features

  • Team Collaboration
  • Aliases
  • Apps
  • Archiving
  • Data Export
  • Dead Links
  • Explore
  • Feed
  • Intelligent Search
  • Lists
  • Privacy
  • Public API
  • Readable Mode
  • Smart Previews
  • Social
  • Tags

Tefter Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to Tefter?
Save webpages to read later, and eliminate cluttering of bookmarks with sites that are merely of a one-time interest. You can read at home, work, on the plane, or during your commute; even without an internet connection.
It is a fast, no-nonsense bookmarking site for people who value privacy and speed. There are no ads and no third-party tracking. It lets you bookmark from any browser, connect up to three Twitter accounts (and favorites), and sync with popular services like Instapaper or Pocket.
Bookmarking for GitHub
Save and Organize your favorite github repositories. A chrome extension which enables bookmarking feature for github.

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