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Tout takes the guesswork out of your business emails by giving you real-time stats on whether your Email has been viewed and whether anyone has clicked on your link.

ToutApp's Features
  • Write Effective Sales Emails- See how Tout fits into Gmail/Outlook to help you write your emails faster.
  • Track Emails & Presentations- Know exactly what happens after you hit "Send" on your daily emails.
  • Streamline with Templates- Stop re-writing the same emails over and over. Let ToutApp do the work so you can focus on personalizing the email.
  • Send Email Campaigns- Easily nurture small batches of leads or customers with Tout Group emails.
  • Follow Up Intelligently- Find all the people you've emailed and follow up intelligently based on their engagement.
  • Keep your CRM In Sync- Tout integrates with your CRM and auto updates it.

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