Page speed monitoring powered by Google's Lighthouse
Why people like Treo
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By combining modern tooling with the power of data visualization, Treo provides evidence of fast web experience and helps you build performant websites.

Treo's Features
  • User Experience Metrics - First Meaningful Paint, First Interactive, Consistently Interactive, Performance Score
  • Interactivity Heatmap - Provides an inside on main thread usage and blocking
  • Accurate Monitoring - Enter a URL, choose a location, and start monitoring every hour with full access to the history
  • High-Level Overview - Get a full picture of your site's performance in one high-level overview. Data preview includes user experience metrics aligned with page screenshots.
  • User Timing - Configure custom metrics, like "Time to First Tweet" or "Time to Hero Image" using User Timing API. Treo will detect them automatically and provide powerful visualization and alerts.
  • Distribution View - Discover distribution of each metric. Is it a stable value? Is it unstable and possibly affected by third-party content? Do you have performance regression?
  • Alerts - Set up automatic alarms to receive notifications about quality regressions. Alerts are checked with each automatic audit or using Deploy API.