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What is UnQLite?

UnQLite is a in-process software library which implements a self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional NoSQL database engine. UnQLite is a document store database similar to MongoDB, Redis, CouchDB etc. as well a standard Key/Value store similar to BerkeleyDB, LevelDB, etc.
UnQLite is a tool in the Databases category of a tech stack.
UnQLite is an open source tool with 2K GitHub stars and 161 GitHub forks. Here’s a link to UnQLite's open source repository on GitHub

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What are some alternatives to UnQLite?
SQLite is an embedded SQL database engine. Unlike most other SQL databases, SQLite does not have a separate server process. SQLite reads and writes directly to ordinary disk files. A complete SQL database with multiple tables, indices, triggers, and views, is contained in a single disk file.
RocksDB is an embeddable persistent key-value store for fast storage. RocksDB can also be the foundation for a client-server database but our current focus is on embedded workloads. RocksDB builds on LevelDB to be scalable to run on servers with many CPU cores, to efficiently use fast storage, to support IO-bound, in-memory and write-once workloads, and to be flexible to allow for innovation.
It is a fast key-value storage library written at Google that provides an ordered mapping from string keys to string values. It has been ported to a variety of Unix-based systems, macOS, Windows, and Android.
Embedded NoSQL database for .NET. An open source MongoDB-like database with zero configuration - mobile ready
MongoDB stores data in JSON-like documents that can vary in structure, offering a dynamic, flexible schema. MongoDB was also designed for high availability and scalability, with built-in replication and auto-sharding.
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