What is ViralSweep?

Grow your email list, increase social engagement, and generate sales by running sweepstakes with ViralSweep.
ViralSweep is a tool in the Competitions as a Service category of a tech stack.

Who uses ViralSweep?


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ViralSweep's features

  • Collect emails
  • Embed on your site
  • Embed on Facebook
  • Custom forms
  • Email integration
  • Real-time analyticsl
  • Mobile optimized
  • Custom style
  • Export data
  • Sweepstakes rules
  • Choose winners
  • Fraud detection
  • Embeddable widget

ViralSweep Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to ViralSweep?
Our competitions app allows you to create beautiful giveaways that drive real user action. Simply set it up, choose your prize, choose how you would like people to enter then deploy your competition to the location of your choice.

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