My Stack

  • Bootstrap is great for getting an MVP working when function matters more than form and MVPs are what I do.

  • As a web app developer, all of my web apps have been built with Rails.

  • I use a bit of jQuery here and there for AJAX.

  • Rails and Git go hand in hand. My .profile is filled with Bash aliases for Git.

  • Slack is very nice for team chats.

  • Rails is built on Ruby, so in the end Ruby is Rails.

  • New Relic is awesome for monitoring app performance and status.

  • Heroku recommends PostgreSQL, so I use it and it seems to work well enough.

  • I use Trello for organizing projects. Typically I break a project up into sections, add and prioritize tasks for each section. For largest projects, I'll break it into multiple trello boards.

  • GitHub is very nice for team coding.

  • All my apps have been deployed using Heroku. I've found it very easy to use.

  • Google drive is rather useful for shared editing of documents and specs.

  • Mailgun is my goto when I need to send email from within a web app.

  • Skype is one of the better methods I've found for IM communication, and most of my clients have it. Mostly use it when there is a need for screensharing.

  • I use Cloud9 as my preferred Rails development environment. It saves me a lot time and trouble compared to developing locally (I run Windows).

  • Cloud9 IDE uses Ubuntu, so indirectly I built apps with Ubuntu.

  • I use Stack Overflow quite often to get quick answers to questions I have while developing.