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What is Amazon SimpleDB?

Developers simply store and query data items via web services requests and Amazon SimpleDB does the rest. Behind the scenes, Amazon SimpleDB creates and manages multiple geographically distributed replicas of your data automatically to enable high availability and data durability. Amazon SimpleDB provides a simple web services interface to create and store multiple data sets, query your data easily, and return the results. Your data is automatically indexed, making it easy to quickly find the information that you need. There is no need to pre-define a schema or change a schema if new data is added later. And scale-out is as simple as creating new domains, rather than building out new servers.
Amazon SimpleDB is a tool in the NoSQL Database as a Service category of a tech stack.

Who uses Amazon SimpleDB?

7 companies reportedly use Amazon SimpleDB in their tech stacks, including Flipboard, TripTips, and M2North.

7 developers on StackShare have stated that they use Amazon SimpleDB.

Why developers like Amazon SimpleDB?

Here’s a list of reasons why companies and developers use Amazon SimpleDB
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Amazon SimpleDB's Features

  • <div>Amazon SimpleDB automatically manages infrastructure provisioning, hardware and software maintenance, replication and indexing of data items, and performance tuning.
  • Amazon SimpleDB automatically creates multiple geographically distributed copies of each data item you store.
  • You can also choose between consistent or eventually consistent read requests, gaining the flexibility to match read performance (latency and throughput) and consistency requirements to the demands of your application, or even disparate parts within your application.
  • A table in Amazon SimpleDB has a strict storage limitation of 10 GB and is limited in the request capacity it can achieve (typically under 25 writes/second). It is up to you to manage the partitioning and re-partitioning of your data over additional SimpleDB tables if you need additional scale.</div>

Amazon SimpleDB Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to Amazon SimpleDB?
MongoDB stores data in JSON-like documents that can vary in structure, offering a dynamic, flexible schema. MongoDB was also designed for high availability and scalability, with built-in replication and auto-sharding.
Amazon DynamoDB
All data items are stored on Solid State Drives (SSDs), and are replicated across 3 Availability Zones for high availability and durability. With DynamoDB, you can offload the administrative burden of operating and scaling a highly available distributed database cluster, while paying a low price for only what you use.
Cloud Firestore
Cloud Firestore is a NoSQL document database that lets you easily store, sync, and query data for your mobile and web apps - at global scale.
Azure Cosmos DB
Azure DocumentDB is a fully managed NoSQL database service built for fast and predictable performance, high availability, elastic scaling, global distribution, and ease of development.
Google Cloud Datastore
Use a managed, NoSQL, schemaless database for storing non-relational data. Cloud Datastore automatically scales as you need it and supports transactions as well as robust, SQL-like queries.
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