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A software for provisioning, managing, and monitoring Apache Hadoop clusters
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What is Ambari?

This project is aimed at making Hadoop management simpler by developing software for provisioning, managing, and monitoring Apache Hadoop clusters. It provides an intuitive, easy-to-use Hadoop management web UI backed by its RESTful APIs.
Ambari is a tool in the Monitoring Tools category of a tech stack.

Who uses Ambari?

6 companies reportedly use Ambari in their tech stacks, including Datashop, Betaout, and Dstillery.

9 developers on StackShare have stated that they use Ambari.

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Why developers like Ambari?

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Ambari's Features

  • Alerts
  • Ambari Python Libraries
  • Automated Kerberizaton
  • Blueprints
  • Configurations
  • Service Dashboards
  • Metrics

Ambari Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to Ambari?
It is open source and lets regular users import their big data, query it, search it, visualize it and build dashboards on top of it, all from their browser.
A centralized service for maintaining configuration information, naming, providing distributed synchronization, and providing group services. All of these kinds of services are used in some form or another by distributed applications.
Apache Mesos
Apache Mesos is a cluster manager that simplifies the complexity of running applications on a shared pool of servers.
Kibana is an open source (Apache Licensed), browser based analytics and search dashboard for Elasticsearch. Kibana is a snap to setup and start using. Kibana strives to be easy to get started with, while also being flexible and powerful, just like Elasticsearch.
Grafana is a general purpose dashboard and graph composer. It's focused on providing rich ways to visualize time series metrics, mainly though graphs but supports other ways to visualize data through a pluggable panel architecture. It currently has rich support for for Graphite, InfluxDB and OpenTSDB. But supports other data sources via plugins.
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