Transfer your data directly onto and off of storage devices using Amazon’s internal network and bypassing the Internet
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Import/Export supports importing and exporting data into and out of Amazon S3 buckets. For significant data sets, AWS Import/Export is often faster than Internet transfer and more cost effective than upgrading your connectivity.

AWS Import/Export's Features
  • Data Migration – If you have data you need to upload into the AWS cloud for the first time, AWS Import/Export is often much faster than transferring that data via the Internet.
  • Content Distribution – Send data to your customers on portable storage devices.
  • Direct Data Interchange – If you regularly receive content on portable storage devices from your business associates, you can have them send it directly to AWS for import into Amazon S3 or Amazon EBS.
  • Offsite Backup – Send full or incremental backups to Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier for reliable and redundant offsite storage.
  • Disaster Recovery – In the event you need to quickly retrieve a large backup stored in Amazon S3, use AWS Import/Export to transfer the data to a portable storage device and deliver it to your site.