Text Analysis API package consisting of eight different Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval and Machine Learning APIs

What is AYLIEN?

At the top of each mountain of data lies a nugget of invaluable knowledge, but it takes an incredibly powerful tool to bring that mountain to its knees. That's precisely what our Text Analysis API does.
AYLIEN is a tool in the NLP / Sentiment Analysis category of a tech stack.

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AYLIEN's features

  • The first step in understanding a document is to strip it of unnecessary elements. Article Extraction strips HTML documents of ads, navigation elements, and anything that gets in the way of understanding the text.
  • Why use 100 words when 10 will do? Summarization extracts key sentences from a text, leaving only the most important concepts.
  • Because a text includes more than just concepts, Entity Extraction lists organizations, phone numbers, currency amounts, even individuals mentioned in a text.
  • Language Detection quickly and accurately ensures that you and the text in question are, literally, speaking the same language.

AYLIEN Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to AYLIEN?
rasa NLU
rasa NLU (Natural Language Understanding) is a tool for intent classification and entity extraction. You can think of rasa NLU as a set of high level APIs for building your own language parser using existing NLP and ML libraries.
Google Cloud Natural Language API
You can use it to extract information about people, places, events and much more, mentioned in text documents, news articles or blog posts. You can use it to understand sentiment about your product on social media or parse intent from customer conversations happening in a call center or a messaging app. You can analyze text uploaded in your request or integrate with your document storage on Google Cloud Storage.
Wit enables developers to add a modern natural language interface to their app or device with minimal effort. Precisely, Wit turns sentences into structured information that the app can use. Developers don’t need to worry about Natural Language Processing algorithms, configuration data, performance and tuning. Wit encapsulates all this and lets you focus on the core features of your apps and devices.
Amazon Comprehend
Amazon Comprehend is a natural language processing (NLP) service that uses machine learning to discover insights from text. Amazon Comprehend provides Keyphrase Extraction, Sentiment Analysis, Entity Recognition, Topic Modeling, and Language Detection APIs so you can easily integrate natural language processing into your applications.
Turn emails, tweets, surveys or any text into actionable data. Automate business workflows and saveExtract and classify information from text. Integrate with your App within minutes. Get started for free.
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