Fresh API monitoring and Site Transaction Monitoring.
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Checkly provides a better way to monitor your API endpoints and browser click flows from a single, simple dashboard. Built for dev & ops teams.

Checkly's Features
  • API monitoring
  • Full HTTP request editor for headers, params, body etc
  • Environment variables, encrypted for secrets
  • Basic Auth, OAuth 1.0, OAuth 2.0, HMAC support
  • Pre and post request scripting
  • Full request history
  • Site transaction monitoring
  • Full scripting support with Puppeteer
  • Runs in actual Chrome browsers in the cloud
  • Take screenshots and asserts page items
  • Email, Slack, Webhooks, Pagerduty and SMS notifcations
  • Prometheus exporting
  • Triggers checks from CI/CD
  • SSL certificate expiry checks
  • Teams
  • Public dashboard with custom CNAME domain