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Real-time sync for apps even without the internet
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What is Ditto?

It is a cross-platform peer-to-peer database that allows apps to sync with and even without internet connectivity. Install Ditto into your application, then use the APIs to read and write data into its storage system, and it will then automatically sync any changes to other devices.
Ditto is a tool in the Databases category of a tech stack.

Who uses Ditto?

Ditto Integrations

JavaScript, React, Flutter, C++, and .NET are some of the popular tools that integrate with Ditto. Here's a list of all 13 tools that integrate with Ditto.

Ditto's Features

  • Blazing fast peer-to-peer and client-server sync
  • Concurrent edits and conflict resolution
  • Offline Caching with an embedded database
  • Cross platform support on Web Browsers, iOS, Android, IoT, and server side apps
  • Replicating structured data and even small or large binary files

Ditto Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to Ditto?
The MySQL software delivers a very fast, multi-threaded, multi-user, and robust SQL (Structured Query Language) database server. MySQL Server is intended for mission-critical, heavy-load production systems as well as for embedding into mass-deployed software.
PostgreSQL is an advanced object-relational database management system that supports an extended subset of the SQL standard, including transactions, foreign keys, subqueries, triggers, user-defined types and functions.
MongoDB stores data in JSON-like documents that can vary in structure, offering a dynamic, flexible schema. MongoDB was also designed for high availability and scalability, with built-in replication and auto-sharding.
Firebase is a cloud service designed to power real-time, collaborative applications. Simply add the Firebase library to your application to gain access to a shared data structure; any changes you make to that data are automatically synchronized with the Firebase cloud and with other clients within milliseconds.
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft® SQL Server is a database management and analysis system for e-commerce, line-of-business, and data warehousing solutions.
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