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What is Elastic Cloud?

A growing family of Elastic SaaS offerings that make it easy to deploy, operate, and scale Elastic products and solutions in the cloud. From an easy-to-use hosted and managed Elasticsearch experience to powerful, out-of-the-box search solutions.
Elastic Cloud is a tool in the Platform as a Service category of a tech stack.

Who uses Elastic Cloud?

23 companies reportedly use Elastic Cloud in their tech stacks, including Primer, Bagelcode, and Cartona.

37 developers on StackShare have stated that they use Elastic Cloud.

Elastic Cloud Integrations

Decisions about Elastic Cloud

Here are some stack decisions, common use cases and reviews by companies and developers who chose Elastic Cloud in their tech stack.

Gunnar Siréus
System Developer at Siréus Consulting AB · | 2 upvotes · 13.9K views
Needs advice
Elastic CloudElastic Cloud

I wonder what the best option for hosting my home page https://www.sireus.se is? On Jelastic or Elastic Cloud? Which host is the most suitable and cost-effective?

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Elastic Cloud Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to Elastic Cloud?
It provides Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana on the cloud with alerts, unlimited scalability and free ELK apps. Index, search & visualize your data.
Cloud Foundry
Cloud Foundry is an open platform as a service (PaaS) that provides a choice of clouds, developer frameworks, and application services. Cloud Foundry makes it faster and easier to build, test, deploy, and scale applications.
Amazon EC2
It is a web service that provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud. It is designed to make web-scale computing easier for developers.
Our mission is to make you a search expert. Push data to our API to make it searchable in real time. Build your dream front end with one of our web or mobile UI libraries. Tune relevance and get analytics right from your dashboard.
Amazon Elasticsearch Service
Amazon Elasticsearch Service is a fully managed service that makes it easy for you to deploy, secure, and operate Elasticsearch at scale with zero down time.
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