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What is Google Cloud Filestore?

Cloud Filestore is a managed file storage service for applications that require a filesystem interface and a shared filesystem for data. Filestore gives users a simple, native experience for standing up managed Network Attached Storage (NAS) with their Google Compute Engine and Kubernetes Engine instances. The ability to fine-tune Filestore’s performance and capacity independently leads to predictably fast performance for your file-based workloads.
Google Cloud Filestore is a tool in the Cloud File Storage category of a tech stack.

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Google Cloud Filestore's Features

  • Fast - Cloud Filestore offers low latency for file operations. For workloads that are latency sensitive, like content management systems, databases, random i/o, or other metadata intensive applications, Filestore provides high IOPS with minimal variability in performance.
  • Consistent - With Cloud Filestore, you pay a predictable price for predictable performance. Users independently pick the IOPS and the storage capacity you need with Filestore, which enables you to tune your filesystem for a particular workload. The performance you experience for a particular workload will be consistent over time.
  • Simple - Cloud Filestore is a fully managed, NoOps service that is integrated with the rest of the Google Cloud portfolio. You can easily mount Filestore volumes on Compute Engine VMs. Filestore is also tightly integrated with Google Kubernetes Engine so your containers can reference the same shared data.

Google Cloud Filestore Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to Google Cloud Filestore?
Google Cloud Storage
Google Cloud Storage allows world-wide storing and retrieval of any amount of data and at any time. It provides a simple programming interface which enables developers to take advantage of Google's own reliable and fast networking infrastructure to perform data operations in a secure and cost effective manner. If expansion needs arise, developers can benefit from the scalability provided by Google's infrastructure.
Amazon EFS
Amazon EFS is easy to use and offers a simple interface that allows you to create and configure file systems quickly and easily. With Amazon EFS, storage capacity is elastic, growing and shrinking automatically as you add and remove files.
Cloud-based visual communication technology. Used by developers, designers, and product managers to efficiently and effectively communicate complicated ideas across the globe with clarity and context.
It offers performant and scalable Digital Asset Management. Store, Process and Accelerate Images, Videos, JS, CSS and Static Content across the World on any Web application.
It is an online service for the exchange, signing and storage of any legally significant documents (agreements, acts of completion, invoices, etc.). It works with all types of EDS keys (electronic digital signature).
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