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Instrumental is a real-time application and server monitoring platform. With over a million datapoints processed every second, we're one of the highest scale monitoring services.

Instrumental's Features
  • Application monitoring - we accept any volume of arbitrary data, making it easy to set up graphs to measure the performance of your application in real time
  • Server monitoring - Ruby apps can use our instrumental tools gem to monitor information like CPU statistics, memory usage, disk space, and all the other things you'll need to monitor your servers. Language support - Ruby is supported using a custom library, and all other languages are supported with our Statsd backend
  • RESTful API - upon authentication, data is collected and returned in strict JSON format
  • Powerful query language - easily retrieve and graph a set of metrics matching a particular pattern
  • Highly scalable - Instrumental processes billions of data points per day
  • Built for teams - add team members, manage roles and permissions, and easily share graphs
  • Alerts - you can be notified via email, text message or at an http endpoint you control
  • Embedded graphs - create a graph and use it outside of the service with an embedded link

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