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Koding is a feature rich cloud-based development environment complete with free VMs, an attractive IDE & sudo level terminal access!

Koding's Features
  • Free virtual machine (VM) with Ubuntu, root access, apt-get, and many commonly used tools
  • Built-in Terminal with 256-color support
  • All languages, databases, and command-line tools are supported
  • Various file upload options such as Drag & Drop, Dropbox, Clone from Github, FTP and the ability to access them using SSH
  • Real-time code and terminal collaboration with integrated chat abilities
  • Subdomains serve PHP, Perl, Python via Apache, and additional ports are available for other web apps
  • Additional VMs can be purchased and shared with group members
  • Unlimited user-defined domains and subdomains for private or shared VMs
  • Ability to signup with Github, and link account to oDesk and Facebook

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