What is biicode?

For C/C++ developers that think a dependency manager is needed, biicode is a multiplatform tool and hosting service that allows you to build your projects easily, integrate third party code and reuse code among projects with just #includes
biicode is a tool in the C / C++ Build Tools category of a tech stack.

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biicode Integrations

Codeship, Koding, Travis CI, C++, and OpenCV are some of the popular tools that integrate with biicode. Here's a list of all 8 tools that integrate with biicode.

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biicode's Features

  • Fit C/C++ source code from biicode just by writting appropiate #includes (yours and others)
  • Manage dependencies at file level
  • Share and publish to biicode with one command
  • There is no packages, just sources
  • Dependency Graph

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