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SaaS platform to visually build and run PWA apps
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What is Mobsted?

It is SaaS platform to visually build and run PWA apps for Android, iOS and messenger bots. It allows building multichannel PWA applications that require 5 times less resources and achieve 10 times higher install and usage rate.
Mobsted is a tool in the Private SaaS as a Service category of a tech stack.

Mobsted Integrations

Mobsted's Features

  • Visual front-end tools, to create and modify functions and design of an app (cutting programmer's man hours)
  • Automatic back-end data structuring and codeless tools to make all the changes
  • Codeless mobile app automation and tools to generate data about anything your users do
  • Users roles & permissions for end users,app making, or accessing data generated in it
  • Works as SaaS in our secure cloud with servers choice on all continents and can support businesses at scale
  • Has REST API, which supports most types of APIs and has a built-in reusable API operations maker

Mobsted Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to Mobsted?
Replicated wraps your containerized cloud application with enterprise-grade features and deploys it behind your customer's firewall, into a corporate data center or into the private cloud.
Gravitational builds open source solutions to deliver and run cloud native applications in on-prem environments where compliance matters.
AWS SaaS Boost
It is a ready-to-use open source reference environment that helps you as an Independent Software Vendor (ISVs) accelerate your move to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). From small specialized software businesses to large global solution providers, it helps you accelerate moving your applications to AWS with minimal modifications. Build, provision, and manage your SaaS environment with greater confidence based on AWS best practices and proven patterns from hundreds of successful SaaS companies.

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