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What is Moltin?

Developers and merchants can manage stores through our responsive dashboard immediately after signing up, making development a non-linear process, with store owners able to add inventory whilst developers are working on the website with real data.

Moltin is a tool in the Ecommerce category of a tech stack.

Who Uses Moltin?

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Moltin's Features

  • Manage multiple stores & admin accounts
  • Responsive admin dashboard
  • Product management & inventory control
  • Image Storage & Delivery - CDN
  • Hierarchical category structures
  • Group products into brands & collections.
  • Store and retrieve extendable customer profiles
  • Place and manage orders
  • Save addresses to speed up checkouts for repeat customers
  • Cross device shopping carts, supporting pre-defined products or bespoke parameters
  • Support for multiple carts per customer
  • Supports over 30 payment gateways
  • Multiple currencies and tax bands
  • Extendable data structure allows users to store custom/additional data
  • Traditional and custom checkout flows
  • Shipping methods including support for weight or price based orders
  • SDK's and libaries are available to jump start development
  • Create your frontend in almost any language for any device

Moltin's alternatives

  • Magento - Flexible eCommerce solutions, a vibrant extensions marketplace and an open global ecosystem
  • Shopify - Quickly and easily create a beautiful online store with Shopify.
  • Stripe - Payments for developers
  • WooCommerce - The most popular WordPress eCommerce plugin
  • PrestaShop - Free, Open Source eCommerce Solution powering 185,000 active stores worldwide

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