We pioneered the application of contextual experiences to email.
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Movable Ink clients can use any email service provider to deliver dynamic content that changes, in real-time, according to the context of each individual consumer. More than 250 brands use Movable Ink to optimize their email campaigns.

Movable Ink's Features
  • Import your designs into agileEMAIL, and convert them into fully responsive bulletproof HTML email templates within minutes.
  • View and manipulate every element of your desktop and mobile templates in an intuitive, responsive, real-time interface. Our cutting-edge visual email template editor makes the creation of real-time email campaigns easier than ever before.
  • Get fully responsive email from one HTML file. Our unified template export gives you the option to export your final HTML template through a simple copy and paste, file download, or by forwarding it as an email.
  • Never deliver a stale email or expired offer ever again. Pull in personalized, live and streaming content directly from a public or authenticated website, RSS feed, or an API call.

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