JSON storage bins with schema validation

What is n:point?

JSON storage bins that won't break your app. Set up a lightweight JSON endpoint in seconds, then add a schema to edit your data safely at any time.

n:point is a tool in the API Tools category of a tech stack.

n:point is an open source tool with 54 Github Stars and 3 Github Forks. Here’s a link to n:point's open source repository on Github

Why people like n:point

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n:point's Features

  • Schema validation - Add JSON Schema to enforce the structure of your data
  • Schema and data locking - Once you're confident that your schema or data won't change, lock them down so your app will never break
  • Flexible syntax - Forget the quotes! You can use javascript object syntax ({ a: 1 } instead of { "a": 1 })
  • Sub-property access - If you just need a piece of your JSON data, you can add property keys or array indexes to your API URL (Example: api.npoint.io/features/0/description)
  • Protected editing - Once you're logged in, all JSON bins you create are associated with your account so only you can edit the data
  • CORS support - Sets the header Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * in API responses, so you can access the API from anywhere

n:point's alternatives

  • Postman - Postman is the only complete API development environment.
  • Amazon API Gateway - Create, publish, maintain, monitor, and secure APIs at any scale
  • Insomnia REST Client - The most intuitive cross-platform REST API Client 😴
  • Paw - The ultimate REST client for Mac
  • Runscope - API Performance Monitoring

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