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Complete monitoring and alerting for servers, switches, applications, and services

What is Nagios?

Nagios is a host/service/network monitoring program written in C and released under the GNU General Public License.
Nagios is a tool in the Monitoring Tools category of a tech stack.
Nagios is an open source tool with 59 GitHub stars and 42 GitHub forks. Here’s a link to Nagios's open source repository on GitHub

Who uses Nagios?

228 companies reportedly use Nagios in their tech stacks, including Uber, Twitch, and Dropbox.

560 developers on StackShare have stated that they use Nagios.

Nagios Integrations

Datadog, PagerDuty, Graphite, Zulip, and OpsGenie are some of the popular tools that integrate with Nagios. Here's a list of all 27 tools that integrate with Nagios.
Pros of Nagios
It just works
The standard
The Most flexible monitoring system
Huge stack of free checks/plugins to choose from
Decisions about Nagios

Here are some stack decisions, common use cases and reviews by companies and developers who chose Nagios in their tech stack.

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When to use Amazon CloudWatch and when to use Nagios?

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I am new to DevOps and looking for training in DevOps. Some institutes are offering Nagios while some Prometheus in their syllabus. Please suggest which one is being used in the industry and which one should I learn.

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Nagios's Features

  • Monitor your entire IT infrastructure
  • Spot problems before they occur
  • Know immediately when problems arise
  • Share availability data with stakeholders
  • Detect security breaches
  • Plan and budget for IT upgrades
  • Reduce downtime and business losses

Nagios Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to Nagios?
Zabbix is a mature and effortless enterprise-class open source monitoring solution for network monitoring and application monitoring of millions of metrics.
It provides the leading platform for Operational Intelligence. Customers use it to search, monitor, analyze and visualize machine data.
It monitors availability and performance, gives you simple access to relevant data and raises alerts to keep you in the loop. It was originally created as a fork of the Nagios system monitoring application.
Developed by network and systems engineers who know what it takes to manage today's dynamic IT environments, SolarWinds has a deep connection to the IT community.
AppDynamics develops application performance management (APM) solutions that deliver problem resolution for highly distributed applications through transaction flow monitoring and deep diagnostics.
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