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Fundamental package for scientific computing with Python
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What is NumPy?

Besides its obvious scientific uses, NumPy can also be used as an efficient multi-dimensional container of generic data. Arbitrary data-types can be defined. This allows NumPy to seamlessly and speedily integrate with a wide variety of databases.
NumPy is a tool in the Data Science Tools category of a tech stack.
NumPy is an open source tool with 13.9K GitHub stars and 4.6K GitHub forks. Here’s a link to NumPy's open source repository on GitHub

Who uses NumPy?

118 companies reportedly use NumPy in their tech stacks, including Instacart, Ruangguru, and Tokopedia.

445 developers on StackShare have stated that they use NumPy.

NumPy Integrations

Python, Ludwig, Dask, Streamlit, and Theano are some of the popular tools that integrate with NumPy. Here's a list of all 9 tools that integrate with NumPy.
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big data analysis NumPy

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Andrea Catalucci
Andrea Catalucci
Software Developer at Unruly · | 1 upvotes · 0 views
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Number crunching NumPy

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Nough You
Nough You
Senior Research Engineer at Prattle · | 1 upvotes · 0 views
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Fast array operations. NumPy

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Fast Numeric Processing NumPy

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Public Decisions about NumPy

Here are some stack decisions, common use cases and reviews by companies and developers who chose NumPy in their tech stack.

Tuhin Sinha
Tuhin Sinha
at Vital Labs, Inc · | 1 upvotes · 5.4K views
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We utilize NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, and iPython Notebooks to power our analysis and analytics tools. NumPy

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NumPy's Features

  • a powerful N-dimensional array object
  • sophisticated (broadcasting) functions
  • tools for integrating C/C++ and Fortran code
  • useful linear algebra, Fourier transform, and random number capabilities

NumPy Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to NumPy?
Using MATLAB, you can analyze data, develop algorithms, and create models and applications. The language, tools, and built-in math functions enable you to explore multiple approaches and reach a solution faster than with spreadsheets or traditional programming languages, such as C/C++ or Java.
Flexible and powerful data analysis / manipulation library for Python, providing labeled data structures similar to R data.frame objects, statistical functions, and much more.
R Language
R provides a wide variety of statistical (linear and nonlinear modelling, classical statistical tests, time-series analysis, classification, clustering, ...) and graphical techniques, and is highly extensible.
Python-based ecosystem of open-source software for mathematics, science, and engineering. It contains modules for optimization, linear algebra, integration, interpolation, special functions, FFT, signal and image processing, ODE solvers and other tasks common in science and engineering.
Panda is a cloud-based platform that provides video and audio encoding infrastructure. It features lightning fast encoding, and broad support for a huge number of video and audio codecs. You can upload to Panda either from your own web application using our REST API, or by utilizing our easy to use web interface.<br>
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