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What is Pageclip?

Pageclip is a simple way to save information from your website via forms or front-end JavaScript. That is, you can save data from your website without a server—Pageclip is your server.
Pageclip is a tool in the Web Forms category of a tech stack.

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Pros of Pageclip
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Pageclip's Features

  • HTML form
  • API Endpoints
  • Javascript client
  • Webhook
  • JSON/XML export
  • Slack Integration
  • Email notifications

Pageclip Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to Pageclip?
Gravity Forms
It is a WordPress plugin used originally for contact forms, but in a more general sense, it allows site owners to create forms to collect information. It can be used for contact forms, WordPress post creation, calculators, employment applications and more.
Build beautiful and engaging next-generation online forms, surveys, quizzes, landing pages, and much more with Typeform
It takes care of the repetitive and annoying stuff--keeping track of values/errors/visited fields, orchestrating validation, and handling submission--so you don't have to.
Simple Form
It aims to be as flexible as possible while helping you with powerful components to create your forms. The basic goal is to not touch your way of defining the layout, letting you find the better design for your eyes.
Wufoo automatically builds the database, backend and scripts needed to make collecting and understanding your data easy, fast and fun. Because we host everything, all you need is a browser, an Internet connection and a few minutes to build a form and start using it right away.
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