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Simple, automated Reserved Instance planning and management for AWS EC2
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What is ProsperOps?

It is autonomous AWS Reserved Instance Management It algorithmically builds and maintains the optimal RI portfolio to maximize your RI savings, even as your EC2 instance use changes. Save time, save money, and never worry about RIs again.
ProsperOps is a tool in the Cloud Management category of a tech stack.

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ProsperOps's Features

  • Configurable controls - Customer-defined constraints govern our're always in control
  • Existing RI support - It seamlessly assumes management of your existing EC2 RIs
  • 24x7 usage monitoring -EC2 usage is monitored in real-time for savings opportunities
  • AI savings algorithms - ML forecasting and optimization algorithms determine the ideal RI portfolio that maximizes your savings rate
  • Automated RI actions - Programmatic purchases, modifications, exchanges, and renewals of your RI portfolio
  • Performance dashboard - Savings and RI portfolio visibility to understand and track progress

ProsperOps Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to ProsperOps?
MongoDB Cloud Manager
It is a hosted platform for managing MongoDB on the infrastructure of your choice. It saves you time, money, and helps you protect your customer experience by eliminating the guesswork from running MongoDB.
Morpheus is a cloud application management and orchestration platform that works on any cloud or infrastructure, from AWS to bare metal. Enjoy complete cloud freedom with Morpheus.
Automation is the core of RightScale, freeing you to run efficient, scalable, and highly-available applications. Our multi-cloud integration enables you to choose your own clouds, providing freedom to work with any vendor in a rapidly changing market. And rest assured knowing that you have visibility and control over all of your resources in one place. To take advantage of best practices, we encourage you to tap into cloud expertise provided by our service, support, and partner networks when building and managing your infrastructure.
It provides a simple but feature-rich and flexible solution for the comprehensive management of virtualized data centers to enable on-premise enterprise clouds in existing infrastructures. It can be primarily used as a virtualization tool to manage your virtual infrastructure in the data-center or cluster, which is usually referred as Private Cloud. It supports Hybrid Cloud to combine local infrastructure with public cloud-based infrastructure, enabling highly scalable hosting environments.
Continuous visibility and cloud monitoring for all your servers – hosted or private, Linux or Windows. Works great with Amazon EC2, Rackspace, or any public or private cloud.
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