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Pusher is a hosted API for quickly, easily and securely adding scalable realtime functionality to web and mobile apps.

Pusher's Features
  • We provide a simple set of APIs and libraries that allow you to build rich realtime features in hours rather than days.
  • Pusher is great for: Chat, Activity Streams, Notifications, Collaboration, Multiplayer games, Realtime data, Dashboards, 2nd Screen experiences
  • Reduce risk for your projects by outsourcing your realtime infrastructure to a trusted platform maintained by experts.
  • The Pusher Realtime Cloud has been designed from the ground up to scale seamlessly to meet demand. Coupled with this is a clustered, fully redundant architecture hosted within Amazon EC2.
  • Pusher's advanced client authentication handshake guarantees messages only go to the people you expect. Additionally, we allow you to connect our service via SSL for extra peace of mind.
  • At the core of Pusher is the new HTML5 WebSocket protocol. This enables a low latency bi-directional socket to be established between browsers, mobiles apps and Pusher.

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