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What is Pusher?

Pusher is the category leader in delightful APIs for app developers building communication and collaboration features.

What is SignalR?

SignalR allows bi-directional communication between server and client. Servers can now push content to connected clients instantly as it becomes available. SignalR supports Web Sockets, and falls back to other compatible techniques for older browsers. SignalR includes APIs for connection management (for instance, connect and disconnect events), grouping connections, and authorization.

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Why do developers choose Pusher?
Why do developers choose SignalR?
What are the cons of using Pusher?
What are the cons of using SignalR?
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What companies use Pusher?
What companies use SignalR?
What are some alternatives to Pusher and SignalR?
PubNub makes it easy for you to add real-time capabilities to your apps, without worrying about the infrastructure. Build apps that allow your users to engage in real-time across mobile, browser, desktop and server.
Firebase is a cloud service designed to power real-time, collaborative applications. Simply add the Firebase library to your application to gain access to a shared data structure; any changes you make to that data are automatically synchronized with the Firebase cloud and with other clients within milliseconds.
Socket.IO enables real-time bidirectional event-based communication. It works on every platform, browser or device, focusing equally on reliability and speed.
Google Cloud Pub/Sub
Cloud Pub/Sub is a fully-managed real-time messaging service that allows you to send and receive messages between independent applications. You can leverage Cloud Pub/Sub’s flexibility to decouple systems and components hosted on Google Cloud Platform or elsewhere on the Internet.
Unlike traditional enterprise messaging systems, NATS has an always-on dial tone that does whatever it takes to remain available. This forms a great base for building modern, reliable, and scalable cloud and distributed systems.
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What tools integrate with Pusher?
What tools integrate with SignalR?
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How developers use Pusher and SignalR
Avatar of Nathan Heffley
Nathan Heffley uses PusherPusher

In the original prototype all the communication was handled by a backend server. Each client connected directly to the server using the socket.io library. This quickly proved to be messy and unreliable, especially on the cheap server being used to host it.

Websockets proved to be a little more reliable, but still just as messy and not all browsers support them. That's when the project was switched over to use Pusher. Using Pusher has allowed all but the initial connection code to be off-loaded onto the client. Now instead of communicating through a self-hosted server, clients can communicate pretty much peer-to-peer over Pusher.

Avatar of Jewel Mahanta
Jewel Mahanta uses PusherPusher

Pusher is used to send update notification whenever Lapzbot joins a server.

Avatar of Tuomas Hietanen
Tuomas Hietanen uses SignalRSignalR

All communications between client and server

Avatar of Ronnie Sunde
Ronnie Sunde uses SignalRSignalR

Communication between backend and frontend

Avatar of Vamsi Krishna
Vamsi Krishna uses PusherPusher

Push real-time updates

How much does Pusher cost?
How much does SignalR cost?
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