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Commercial and free street address validation and geocoding
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What is SmartyStreets?

Now it's faster and easier than ever to verify addresses on your website. Help your customers provide valid address data by verifying it in real-time with our API. Display multiple matches if the address is ambiguous, and alert them when the address is invalid. Your shipments will be cheaper and arrive faster, and your customers will be satisfied knowing that their addresses were submitted correctly the first time.
SmartyStreets is a tool in the Shipping category of a tech stack.

Who uses SmartyStreets?

6 companies reportedly use SmartyStreets in their tech stacks, including Yahoo!, Teespring, and FedEx.

6 developers on StackShare have stated that they use SmartyStreets.

SmartyStreets's Features

  • Add address validation to your website
  • Get address suggestions as you type
  • Verify addresses in an Excel or list file
  • Standardize and geocode addresses in your database
  • Verify addresses in your app or program
  • USPS address verification for shipping and mailing

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