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Front-end performance monitoring. It's WebPageTest on steroids!
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What is SpeedCurve?

SpeedCurve gives you continuous feedback on how your front-end code is affecting the performance of your website. Get detailed build analysis and performance filmstrips for your own website and then benchmark your performance against the competition to make sure your website loads faster.
SpeedCurve is a tool in the Font-end Performance Monitoring category of a tech stack.

Who uses SpeedCurve?

15 companies reportedly use SpeedCurve in their tech stacks, including Udemy, QuintoAndar, and Vestiaire Collective.

8 developers on StackShare have stated that they use SpeedCurve.

SpeedCurve Integrations

Pros of SpeedCurve
Easy setup
Understandable reports and great benchmark

SpeedCurve's Features

  • Front-end performance monitoring
  • Track asset sizes and requests
  • Built in Google PagesSpeed Insight reports
  • Weekly reports and alerts
  • Built on top of WebPagetest
  • Responsive website testing
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Share dashboards with the team
  • API to trigger tests on every deploy
  • Visual diffs to spot UX regressions

SpeedCurve Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to SpeedCurve?
Atatus is a server and frontend monitoring SaaS, using which you can monitor the performance and track the errors of your app.
Qbaka automatically collects errors without user interation. Whenever error happen, it is collected by Qbaka and developers get maximum helpful data to fix the problem.

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