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What is Quip?

Edit and discuss in one place. Quip combines documents with messages so you can work faster, on the web or on the go.

What is HackPad?

Hackpad is a smart collaborative workspace that your team will love.

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Why do developers choose Quip?
Why do you like Quip?

Why do developers choose HackPad?
Why do you like HackPad?


What are the cons of using Quip?
No Cons submitted yet for Quip
Downsides of Quip?

What are the cons of using HackPad?
No Cons submitted yet for HackPad
Downsides of HackPad?


How much does Quip cost?
Quip Pricing
How much does HackPad cost?
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What companies use Quip?
23 companies on StackShare use Quip
What companies use HackPad?
14 companies on StackShare use HackPad

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Quip is Revolutionizing Productivity at Salesforce: ...

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