Lookback vs. Watchsend

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What is Lookback?

Lookback helps you collect, understand and share user experiences.

What is Watchsend?

Understand your users better by watching videos of how they use your app

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Why do developers choose Lookback?
Why do you like Lookback?

Why do developers choose Watchsend?
Why do you like Watchsend?


What are the cons of using Lookback?
No Cons submitted yet for Lookback
Downsides of Lookback?

What are the cons of using Watchsend?
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Downsides of Watchsend?


How much does Lookback cost?
Lookback Pricing
How much does Watchsend cost?


What companies use Lookback?
6 companies on StackShare use Lookback
What companies use Watchsend?
0 companies on StackShare use Watchsend

What are some alternatives to Lookback and Watchsend?

  • UXCam - Watch playback videos of your users using your app + UX analytics to find and fix UX issues
  • Bugsee - See video, network traffic & logs leading up to bugs or crashes

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