Metabase vs. Looker vs. Redash

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What is Metabase?

Metabase is an easy way to generate charts and dashboards, ask simple ad hoc queries without using SQL, and see detailed information about rows in your Database. You can set it up in under 5 minutes, and then give yourself and others a place to ask simple questions and understand the data your application is generating.

What is Looker?

We've built a unique data modeling language, connections to today's fastest analytical databases, and a service that you can deploy on any infrastructure, and explore on any device. Plus, we'll help you every step of the way.

What is Redash?

re:dash is our take on freeing the data within our company in a way that will better fit our culture and usage patterns. Prior to re:dash, we tried to use traditional BI suites and discovered a set of bloated, technically challenged and slow tools/flows. What we were looking for was a more hacker'ish way to look at data, so we built one.


Why do developers choose Metabase?
  • Why do you like Metabase?

    Why do developers choose Looker?
    Why do you like Looker?

    Why do developers choose Redash?
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    What are the cons of using Metabase?
    No Cons submitted yet for Metabase
    Downsides of Metabase?

    What are the cons of using Looker?
    No Cons submitted yet for Looker
    Downsides of Looker?

    What are the cons of using Redash?
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    Downsides of Redash?


    What companies use Metabase?
    62 companies on StackShare use Metabase
    What companies use Looker?
    50 companies on StackShare use Looker
    What companies use Redash?
    27 companies on StackShare use Redash


    What tools integrate with Metabase?
    6 tools on StackShare integrate with Metabase
    What tools integrate with Looker?
    8 tools on StackShare integrate with Looker
    What tools integrate with Redash?
    14 tools on StackShare integrate with Redash

    What are some alternatives to Metabase, Looker, and Redash?

    • Chartio - A powerful Business Intelligence tool anyone can use
    • Superset - Data exploration and visualization platform, by Airbnb
    • Mode - SQL-based analytics tool that helps analysts query, visualize, and share data.
    • Periscope - Periscope plugs directly into your database and lets you run, save and share analyses over billions of data rows in seconds

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