React Native vs. Xamarin vs. RIBs

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What is React Native?

React Native enables you to build world-class application experiences on native platforms using a consistent developer experience based on JavaScript and React. The focus of React Native is on developer efficiency across all the platforms you care about - learn once, write anywhere. Facebook uses React Native in multiple production apps and will continue investing in React Native.

What is Xamarin?

Xamarin’s Mono-based products enable .NET developers to use their existing code, libraries and tools (including Visual Studio*), as well as skills in .NET and the C# programming language, to create mobile applications for the industry’s most widely-used mobile devices, including Android-based smartphones and tablets, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

What is RIBs?

RIBs is the cross-platform architecture framework behind many mobile apps at Uber. The name RIBs is short for Router, Interactor and Builder, which are core components of this architecture. This framework is designed for mobile apps with a large number of engineers and nested states.
Why do developers choose React Native?
Why do you like React Native?

Why do developers choose Xamarin?
Why do you like Xamarin?

Why do developers choose RIBs?
Why do you like RIBs?

What are the cons of using React Native?
Downsides of React Native?

What are the cons of using Xamarin?
Downsides of Xamarin?

What are the cons of using RIBs?
No Cons submitted yet for RIBs
Downsides of RIBs?

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How much does React Native cost?
How much does Xamarin cost?
Xamarin Pricing
How much does RIBs cost?
What companies use React Native?
866 companies on StackShare use React Native
What companies use Xamarin?
101 companies on StackShare use Xamarin
What companies use RIBs?
1 companies on StackShare use RIBs
What tools integrate with React Native?
47 tools on StackShare integrate with React Native
What tools integrate with Xamarin?
7 tools on StackShare integrate with Xamarin
What tools integrate with RIBs?
5 tools on StackShare integrate with RIBs

What are some alternatives to React Native, Xamarin, and RIBs?

  • Ionic - A beautiful front-end framework for developing cross-platform apps with web technologies like Angular and React.
  • Apache Cordova - Platform for building native mobile applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • PhoneGap - Easilily create mobile apps using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • NativeScript - Build truly native apps with JavaScript

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