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Real time marketplace of translation services. We help companies make their products global by translating their software, social media and user generated content. Social media localization, document translation, software localization, API 's Features
  • We offer localization of content on social media beyond the English speaking world. You can keep tweeting in English and we will post your tweets in Chinese in Sina Weibo and in Russian in VKontact for you.
  • We import doc,docx,odt,pdf and txt documents. Once translated you can download a document in the same format. We take care to preserve the original layout and formatting.
  • We can import your PO, Android XML or Java properties files. You can upload upgrades of the files and we will take care of merging the changes. Then you can download your files in the same format you sent it, in JSON or in PO, even if the translation is still not fully completed.
  • You can use our API to integrate your application and send and receive translated text.