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Transifex is a cloud-based localization platform built to help you manage the translation and localization of your app, website, video subtitles, and more. It acts as a repository for your content (think GitHub for translation) and includes tools for developers to get that content into Transifex automatically. Transifex also provides translators a web interface to submit translations.

Transifex's Features
  • Command-line tool: A Git-like command line tool that lets developers manage translations within a project without an elaborate UI system. They can use the command-line client to create new resources, map locale files to translations, and synchronize their Transifex project with local files and vice versa
  • Order translations: Get professional-quality translations in 33 languages
  • Reports: See a list of users who have contributed to your projects along with the number of new and edited words each one has translated
  • REST API: Automate your workflow and integrate Transifex with existing tools, such as Jenkins
  • Translation Memory (TM): A feature that leverages similar, already-translated strings as suggested translations for untranslated content
  • Webhooks: Get notified and pull translations whenever the translation for a file is completed or fully reviewed, without having to constantly check for updates
  • Web Translation Editor: Allows translators to translate content and and reviewers to review translations in an interface accessible from the browser

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