Rapid prototyping tool for planning and building interactive prototypes. Powered by TYPO3 Neos CMS and Foundation framework
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Typostrap is a rapid prototyping tool for planning and building a working concept of your website or application. Typostrap is built on top of a modern, UX-focused Content Management System, TYPO3 Neos and the most advanced responsive front-end framework, Zurb Foundation. Having TYPO3 Neos on board gives you power and flexibility of a Content Management System and makes your prototypes fully interactive, with real behaviour, real content and working interactions. Zurb Foundation brings a responsive grid and all necessary components to build your product quickly and easily. It is the black belt in prototyping.

Typostrap's Features
  • TYPO3 Neos CMS, in-place editing, typography tools, Zurb Foundation components, responsive prototyping, preview modes, code-free prototyping, ability to add custom code, self-hosted, live url for preview, collaboration and multi-user prototyping, forms prototyping, digital asset management, clean and succinct markup, reusable code, versioning, publish and discard

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