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InVision lets you create stunningly realistic interactive wireframes and prototypes without compromising your creative vision.

InVision's Features
  • Quickly link up your UX sketches, digital wireframes and even high-fidelity designs to share with your team.
  • Send out a link to load your project in a browser, present it in-person, or sms your project direct to a mobile device for an instant touchable demo.
  • Threaded comments connect to a specific point on-screen and double up as to-dos.
  • InVision creates a simple project checklist of all the feedback provided from in-screen comments.
  • Quick glance summaries of each design’s activity let you track progress and allow you to drill down into details.
  • Collaborate with your team anywhere. Track their engagement in the project at a specific time.
  • Just save your screens to the InVision Sync folder on your Mac and we’ll take care of the rest. Plus, you’ll get desktop notifications when others leave comments or upload new screens.
  • Just hit the switch to get additional functionality that integrates throughout your account.

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