Build high-fidelity fully interactive mobile app prototypes in minutes
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Add a one-liner supports all the major mobile gestures and touch events like tap, tap-hold, swipe, pinch, and zoom. Interaction designers are not limited to a single ‘link’ transition anymore. Instead they can apply animated screen transitions like slide, fade, pop, flip, flow, and turn.'s Features
  • Interactive designs
  • Prototype for all devices
  • Wonderful UI libraries
  • Actual device testing
  • Share, add comments
  • Publish and Export to HTML
  • States, Animations & Timelines
  • Drag & Rotate
  • Variables & Item properties
  • Intuitive editor interface with drag-n-drop features, no coding required
  • Silly-fast mobile prototyping
  • Templates and reusable containers for easy development
  • Powerful digital asset manager
  • HTML5 fonts support
  • Auto-save function
  • Version history and rollback
  • 100% web-based, nothing to install
  • Custom branding for your account and prototypes
  • Overwhelming technical support
  • Extensive documentation, screencasts, examples and sample prototypes