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Decision at Katana MRP about Sketch, InVision, Slack, Microsoft Office 365, Jira, GitHub, Bitbucket, Confluence

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Engineering Lead at Katana MRP ·

How we ended up choosing Confluence as our internal web / wiki / documentation platform at Katana.

It happened because we chose Bitbucket over GitHub . We had Katana's first hackaton to assemble and test product engineering platform. It turned out that at that time you could have Bitbucket's private repositories and a team of five people for free - Done!

This decision led us to using Bitbucket pipelines for CI, Jira for Kanban, and finally, Confluence. We also use Microsoft Office 365 and started with using OneNote, but SharePoint is still a nightmare product to use to collaborate, so OneNote had to go.

Now, when thinking of the key value of Confluence to Katana then it is Product Requirements Management. We use Page Properties macros, integrations (with Slack , InVision, Sketch etc.) to manage Product Roadmap, flash out Epic and User Stories.

We ended up with using Confluence because it is the best fit for our current engineering ecosystem.

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Decision at Fresha Engineering about InVision, Slack, Confluence, Jira

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CTO at Shedul/Fresha ·

"Soft" part of our development process is handling with: JIRA (which supports our processes & workflows), Confluence (as a knowledge base) & Slack (not only as a collaboration tool, but also as an integration platform for various bots - ChatOps). We use Slack to ask for optimal peer code reviews, create new test environments, etc. We keep UI/UX designs in InVision .

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Decision at Clarabridge Engage about InVision

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CTO & Co-founder at Clarabridge ·

All wireframes & mockups for new features & updated features are stored, commented & revised via InVision. InVision

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Decision at Sparks42 GmbH about InVision

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Product Manager ·

We use zeplin as an interface between designers, developers and stakeholders for sharing, improving and discussing designs InVision

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Decision at TruFlow Design about InVision

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Owner/Founder at TruFlow Design ·

Another way we help show you from the very beginning what things may look like, and make changes accordingly. InVision

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Decision at VenueX about InVision

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cofounder at VenueX ·

Invision provides interactive mockups that are used during sales meeting. InVision

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Decision about InVision

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UX/UI Designer at ·

I used the free version some time ago since the paid version is barely affordable as a business in germany. InVision

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Decision at INDAGO Project about InVision

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IIB Solutions ·

Since we are fully distributed team, we must use these kinds of tools for collaboration. This one is used for UI/UX InVision

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Decision about InVision

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CEO - Show Sourcing at ShowSourcing ·

Mainly for the Mobile Application. Invision is an awesome tool for fast prototyping, especially on mobile devices. InVision

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Decision at AmericanBibleSociety about InVision

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User Experience Designer at AmericanBibleSociety ·

[Monthly cost] We use this tool to prototype designs quickly and gather feedback. InVision

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