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Flexible, minimalistic, multi-platform static site generator built on top of node.js
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What is Wintersmith?

Wintersmith is a simple yet flexible static site generator. It takes contents (markdown, less, scripts, etc), transforms them using plugins and outputs a static website (html, css, images, etc) that you can host anywhere.
Wintersmith is a tool in the Static Site Generators category of a tech stack.
Wintersmith is an open source tool with 3.5K GitHub stars and 341 GitHub forks. Here’s a link to Wintersmith's open source repository on GitHub

Who uses Wintersmith?

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Pros of Wintersmith
Easy setup

Wintersmith's Features

  • Flexible - Wintersmith tries not to put any limitations on how you work with your content. You can transform it using plugins and structure it as you please.
  • Templating - Use your favorite templating engine, it comes bundled with a Jade plugin and there is community made plugins for most other node.js templating engines.
  • Markdown - No more fiddling around with WYSIWYG editors. Once you start using Markdown to author your content you'll never look back!
  • More than blogging- Write web applications using the latest technologies without having to host your own node.js servers, or use it to increase speeds on large-scale sites.

Wintersmith Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to Wintersmith?
In Metalsmith, all of the logic is handled by plugins. You simply chain them together. Since everything is a plugin, the core library is actually just an abstraction for manipulating a directory of files.
Think of Jekyll as a file-based CMS, without all the complexity. Jekyll takes your content, renders Markdown and Liquid templates, and spits out a complete, static website ready to be served by Apache, Nginx or another web server. Jekyll is the engine behind GitHub Pages, which you can use to host sites right from your GitHub repositories.
Hugo is a static site generator written in Go. It is optimized for speed, easy use and configurability. Hugo takes a directory with content and templates and renders them into a full html website. Hugo makes use of markdown files with front matter for meta data.
Gatsby lets you build blazing fast sites with your data, whatever the source. Liberate your sites from legacy CMSs and fly into the future.
Hexo is a fast, simple and powerful blog framework. It parses your posts with Markdown or other render engine and generates static files with the beautiful theme. All of these just take seconds.
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