GPU-Powered Deep Learning Inference Acceleration

What is Amazon Elastic Inference?

Amazon Elastic Inference allows you to attach low-cost GPU-powered acceleration to Amazon EC2 and Amazon SageMaker instances to reduce the cost of running deep learning inference by up to 75%. Amazon Elastic Inference supports TensorFlow, Apache MXNet, and ONNX models, with more frameworks coming soon.

Amazon Elastic Inference is a tool in the Machine Learning as a Service category of a tech stack.

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Amazon Elastic Inference's alternatives

  • Azure Machine Learning - A fully-managed cloud service for predictive analytics
  • Amazon Machine Learning - Visualization tools and wizards that guide you through the process of creating ML models w/o having to learn complex ML algorithms & technology
  • Amazon SageMaker - Accelerated Machine Learning
  • NanoNets - Machine learning API with less data
  • FloydHub - Heroku for Deep Learning

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