Encode any type of video and broadcast within seconds

What is api.video?

api.video is a scalable webservice with an API based on the REST standard. Our cloud infrastructure allows you to host and broadcast your videos with only a few lines of code. Our API can encode on the go to facilitate immediate playback, enhancing viewer experiences across multiple devices and platforms.

api.video is a tool in the Video Streaming category of a tech stack.

Why people like api.video

Here’s a list of reasons why companies and developers use api.video.

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api.video's Features

  • Quick and Easy Integration
  • Built to Answer Frequently Requested and Long Tail On-Demand Videos
  • Automatic Error Sorting
  • Broadcast Anywhere
  • Optimized Delivery for Cellular, WiFi, and High Bandwidth Networks
  • Encode 4K Broadcasts
  • AES 128bit Encryption
  • Guaranteed Decoding Keys
  • Player and Analytics
  • Multi-User Capability
  • Live Streaming and Channels

api.video's alternative

  • Amazon Kinesis Video Streams - Capture, process, and store video streams for analytics and machine learning

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