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Our library provides trusted virtual machines for every major development stack and open source server application, ready to run in your infrastructure.

Bitnami's Features
  • BitNami Cloud Hosting lets you instantly run every BitNami package you already know and love and have it automatically configured, backed up and monitored.
  • Launch applications to the cloud with one click.
  • Choose from 50 popular open source applications, including SugarCRM, Alfresco, Drupal, WordPress, Redmine, JasperServer, Joomla! and many more.
  • By launching a server without adding any applications to it, you get a ready-to-run development environment that includes Apache, MySQL, Perl, PHP, Ruby, Python, Django, Memcached, Nginx, Subversion, Git, Sqlite, Tomcat and Java.
  • Run multiple applications on one server and save money by sharing the resources of a larger machine between applications.
  • Manage multiple Amazon Web Services accounts from one dashboard.
  • BitNami Cloud Hosting is powered by Amazon, the global leader in Cloud Computing.
  • Use BitNami Cloud Hosting to schedule weekly, daily or even hourly automatic backups. Backups are complete, incremental snapshots of your server.
  • Restore a complete, ready-to-run copy of your server, with all of your data and customizations, in one click.
  • Server scheduling enables you to specify times for your servers to automatically turn on and off.

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